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I don’t know what you all are doing with your lives tonight/in general, but at 10:30pm PST on E!- "LOVE YOU, MEAN IT" premieres, and it’s hosted by the trillest Queen in the game, Whitney Cummings.

And I work for the show, and it’s brilliant and hysterical; and I couldn’t be any more excited, so please tune in, or even just DVR so you can laugh your ass off at a more opportune moment.

Love You, Mean it.


  1. jimnasium said: Looks good! can’t wait to see it.
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    Looking forward to this. So proud of Ed.
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    Whitney Cummings’ attempt to redeem herself starts tonight.
  4. jakefogelnest said: Yeah!
  5. kattnip said: One of my former co-workers just started working for it too! She’s the SWEETEST!!!! Can’t wait to tune in tonight :)
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