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As you guys know, I’m an O.G. Real Housewives Fan. I’ve been watching the franchise since episode 101-ride or die B-status, back when Vicky Gunvalson was still tolerable/super good at hiding her insane control-freak tendencies, and back when Slade had money/a slightly less creepy, overtly phony-parasitic persona.

With that said, we did a Real Housewives parody sketch this season on #STEVIETV, and I couldn’t be any prouder! If you’re a fan of the real housewives’ franchise, I think you’ll be able to see what we were doing here very, very easily. Frankly, watching this should be like eating a hot fudge ice cream sundae with sprinkles, whilst dipping your extra crunchy french fries into the mix! It’s should feel super good and decadent.

And if you’re not a fan of the franchise, I think you’ll be able to register the P.O.V./social commentary on exactly what we think of these ladies (cough: opportunistic, thirsty-ass ho’s). Furthermore, we wanted to do a Zeitgeist mash-up of sorts: paying homage to all of the Zombie shows/movies happening right now, while semi-accurately showing that we could throw a Zombie into the mix, and it wouldn’t alter any of the behavior of these ladies one bit!

Out of all the sketches this season, I felt a very strong affection for this sketch in particular, mostly because my Angel/Goddess and Real Housewivesologist, Leslie Grossman agreed to be a part of this sketch! As to be expected, Leslie straight up Jodi Arias’d this sketch.

For a little Real Housewives’ parody-magic, watch this, and be sure to tune into #STEVIETV on Fridays at 10pm on Vh1!

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